Saturday, April 7, 2012


I thought I would share with you a couple new crafting/quilting toys I purchased a few weeks ago that I am really happy with.  (Sorry about that preposition placement, grammar teachers.)

On the right is my Steady Betty ironing pad.  It's basically a board covered in a special heat resistant foam.  Keeps fabric from slipping while pressing.  I like it as it helps me press and not "iron".  I also like its size -- about 14x14.  My iron went on the fritz a couple weeks ago so I was forced to use my little craft iron until I purchased a new regular iron.  I've got to admit that once I got used to the seemingly left handed placement of the cord, I do like that little iron for the small quilt pieces blocks.

On the left is a rotating cutting mat.  It fits perfectly on my cutting table beside the Steady Betty so it makes a perfect set up for the early stages of the quilt.  I must say, though, that unless I have a ruler that is the exact size of the block I am cutting, I don't really use the rotating feature much.  But I love the size since it fits so well at my "work station".

Oh, and the block I'm working on in the photo.  A red and white churn dash.

My on-line quilting friends and I are doing a churn dash block exchange -- any color of red with white on white background.  Mine are finished and all mailed out and I have received about 1/2 of the 36 (9") blocks.  These are the first few I received.

I'm undecided quite how I will put it together -- with sashing,without sashing, on point. with star blocks; .  I just don't know.  Decisions, decisions . . . .

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