Monday, March 26, 2012


Well, since winter seems to be behind us--although I'm not convinced that we won't have an April wintry snap of weather--I guess it seems that I could move away from blues (Seems like a winter color to me).
So here are the completed blue quilts that will go to Project Linus.

And the blue (his favorite color) sweater that went to my 7 year old grandson last week.  He phoned me on Saturday to tell me thank you and that he likes it.  His mom told me that he was wearing it at the time, and that it fit perfectly.  Hooray.

So on to more spring time colors.  This "curly" scarf is for my daughter.  Her birthday was also last week and I'll give it to her this weekend when I see her.  It's made from the hand spun, hand dyed 100% silk yarn that I purchased at the Fiber Arts Festival a couple weeks ago.  Love it!  

(Oh, I rebanded it with the band from the yarn hank.)

I'm working on some other kind of springy color too.  I'll wait until that sweater is finished before I show it to you.

  In the meantime I'll keep knittin' and stitchin'

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