Tuesday, January 15, 2013


For my friends considering the tulip block for a spring block exchange:

This is the quilt I made using that block.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, I have finally gotten around to showing you the birthday sweater that I gave our oldest granddaughter for Christmas.  (Well a little after Christmas; we saw her last Saturday.)  I decided to give it to her for Christmas instead of her birthday later this month as she will be back at college then.  I was holding off on showing it here 'cause I think she sometimes reads my blog.  Although it was the very one she chose from one of my Interweave magazines, I still wanted to "keep it under wraps".

     I've also got a couple new hats -- the one that I finished to go with the scarf I showed you last week and the other a gift from my daughter.    She was a little concerned that it would not fit.  The ribbing band was a little large, so I just cut a piece of fabric to fit my head, seamed it, and hand sewed it to the band.  I think that I might do the same thing with the hat that I made.  It's also just a tad too big and since it is wool, it will be more comfortable to wear with a nice cotton band against my skin.

And I've managed to get yet another birthday sweater finished!  This one went really fast since it's just stockinette stitch and a vest (so not the extra time involved with sleeves).  And I'm really ahead of myself; this little guy's 4th birthday isn't' until May.

AND I think there just might be enough yarn left to make a pair of booties for his new little sibling  who will arrive in June.  Since it's white, I can even start before I find out the gender!
Yep, that will be our 13th grandchild.  What a blessing!