Friday, February 24, 2012


My goodness, it seems that everything I'm doing lately is blue!
Well, that's partly because I'm trying to discipline myself to work on whatever is first in line in my scrap stash drawer.  Easier said than done!  But I'm trying.

 This one was a bit of a challenge as some of the prints were a knit fabric.  But once someone donates something to me for my charity quilts, I feel obliged to use it -- unless it is just absolutely horrible fabric.
So I decided if I put the knit blocks between decent woven fabric, I'd be OK.  It seemed to work out and I was able to match up my seams pretty well.

This one is all flannel (not the best quilters' flannel, by a long shot) but it will have to do.

Oh my there was more blue in my next stack.  The most fabric is the little blue and yellow print in the lower center.  I'll add some of the other more plain blues and some yellow.

Those scraps up top will just have to wait for another time -- perhaps in a REALLY scrappy quilt!

And as if blue fabric isn't enough, the sweater I'm working on for my grandson is also blue.  He tells me blue is his favorite color, so why not more blue?  I really like this stitch pattern.  Easy to do without much thought, but yet not as boring as stockinette.

So I'll just keep working with the blue for a while and let you know when I move on to some less boring colors!

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