Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So, I'm back -- with no more hammertoes and straight big toes! -- and moving around quite well and able to use my foot on the sewing machine pedal.  What better way to spend time until I can drive again!  (That activity is hampered by the boot I'm still wearing on my right foot, but this too shall pass.)

I had these quilt blocks mostly set on my design wall and ready to sew, just waiting until I got the last two from my "block exchange" friends.  They are now sewn together with the sashing.   (These are "churn dash" blocks, by the way.)  
There is a great churn dash quilt that is tied with bows in Denyse Schmidt's new book "Modern Quilts / Traditional Inspiration".
I have always wanted to "tie" a quilt using buttons.  With Denyse's inspiration I have decided upon a 
Buttons and Bows quilt.  The bows will go in the junction of the blocks, and there will be buttons in the center of each block.  I used my sashing fabric (which will also be the backing) to make the bows).  I wanted to use the same fabric as I was afraid that the sashing might "read" a little too pink for the reds in the blocks.  Using the fabric for the bows should tie it all together quite nicely.
The bow strips are all made and the buttons chosen, so it's just a matter of getting the top, batting, and backing sandwiched and then have fun tying.

 On the knitting front:  while I was off my feet, I did quite a lot of knitting
including  this curly scarf for my daughter-in law.

 I also finished up this bolero sweater for a granddaughter.

And the sweater vest I've been knitting for a grandson is done except for the seaming, neck and armbands.

I'll show you that next time.

Great to be back in the blogging world!

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