Thursday, March 14, 2013


. . .  or I guess I should say, "The baby's feet"!

Aren't these just the cutest.  My daughter Anna Maria, who is expecting, was here with her brother and sister for a visit the beginning of the week.  So I finally finished these cute little goodies to go with the sweater that I had made a few weeks ago.  They duo, along with the peach colored baby blanket is now safely tucked in the baby basket in Nashville awaiting the arrival of a sweet little girl to be dressed or bundled in

I've been doing lots more knitting.  One of this little gal's big brothers has a vest on the needles and as soon as some yarn arrives in my mail box, there will no doubt be another sweater for a big sister started shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, my needles are busy!


  1. Prayers and hugs and thinking of you.

  2. Miss your posts. Praying everything is okay with you and yours. Look forward to your return.

  3. So glad I found you on this blog and followed it for quite some time. You were such an inspiration to me...never stopping and always making or doing something for a grand child or someone else. When I realized sometime back things might not be going so well it hurt and even without knowing you personally, many prayers were offered for you. Those prayers will continue for your Anna Maria and her family, along with the others . They will join you someday! Until then keep knitting with the golden threads of Heaven....I can only Imagine!!!!

  4. Thank you for anyone who has stopped here to follow my mom over the years and for your friendship to her and love for all of us. Mama passed away on May 17th, 2013 after a courageous and graceful fight against lymphoma. Here is a link to her Caring Bridge page where she shared her path of illness, family and faith.

    This blog and that page will stay up for those who might want to visit and read her words from time to time. The fact that her last post here was of booties and other handmades for her littlest grandchild whom she never even met, are a testament to her loving and caring soul. She holds that baby and all of us eternally.

    She is loved ever still and missed beyond words.
    with love, Anna & family