Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ah, it's been nice the past week getting back to some quilt planning, cutting, and then on to the sewing machine to get these two special quilts made.  I believe that the recipients do not follow my blog, but just in case I wanted to wait until they received them before I posted the photos.  I believe their mother was going to be delivering them today.

The first is for my goddaughter who is expecting her second child, a boy.  When the new little guy's big sister was in the nursery, there was a tree painted on the wall.  I'm hoping that's the room he will be using also, since I found this really nice tree fabric for the focus blocks and backing.  One of the prints in the pinwheels is from the nursery (genderless) linen she used for the little girl.  I'm hoping she's using the same nursery and linen, but if not, I think she'll still be pleased with the quilt.

And, as fate would have it, my goddaughter's sister is also expecting -- but in her case it will be new little girl joining a big brother in their family.  I really like the pink and brown.  The backing is a Robert Kaufman flannel that should be nice and toasty this winter.  (The babies are due in October.)

 And so as not to feel left out, I made myself a little goody too using scraps of drapery fabric and faux suede that was left overs from daughter Eleni's interiors business samples.  I'm finally joining the group of a little more advanced techies.  We're getting a lap top and this will be it's home when not in use.

Now, I'm pretty much concentrating on knitting, so I'll show you some of that next time.

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  1. Very nice. You did a wonderful job. thanks for sharing.